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4.2KW 24VDC On/Off-Grid Hybrid Solar Inverter
  • 4.2KW 24VDC On/Off-Grid Hybrid Solar Inverter4.2KW 24VDC On/Off-Grid Hybrid Solar Inverter
  • 4.2KW 24VDC On/Off-Grid Hybrid Solar Inverter4.2KW 24VDC On/Off-Grid Hybrid Solar Inverter

4.2KW 24VDC On/Off-Grid Hybrid Solar Inverter

4.2KW hybrid solar inverter is true hybrid inverter. Use can use it as off grid inverter, can also use it as on/off grid hybrid inverter. This 4.2kw solar inverter is with dual AC output and more transportable design. When the battery voltage is low, the inverter shall disconnect the main load and ensure the output of the secondary load, which can extend the operation time of the secondary load. WiFi monitor function is available with 4.2kw inverter, user can see the working data of the 4.2kw solar system via phone App, such as the solar panel power generation, the battery voltage, inverter output voltage etc.


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Product Description

4.2KW 24VDC On/Off-Grid Hybrid Solar Inverter Pure Sine Wave Can Work without Battery

98% High efficiency 4.2KW AC220V 24VDC On/Off-Grid solar hybrid inverter with two load output, MPPT 120A solar charger can max connect PV power 6200W and max PV voltage 500VDC. User can run this 4.2kw inverter without battery.

Inverter Product Parameter (Specification)

Inverter Main Features: 

●4.2kw hybrid inverter

●4.2kw on/off grid hybrid inverter

●4.2kw inverter can run without battery

●24Vdc to 220V/230V/240Vac

●PV range 90VDC~450VDC

●Max PV Voltage 500VDC

●Max MPPT charge current 120A

●Max PV input power 6200W

●Max PV input current 1*18A

●Max AC charger 100A

●Wide AC input range 90~280Vac

●With RS232 communication port for WiFi 

●With RS485 Communication port for BMS of lithium battery

●Working Status indication with RGB lights

●With a dust -proof kit, suitable for harsh environments

Inverter Datasheet:



Rate power

Selectable Voltage Range

170-280 VAC (UPS); 90-280VAC (Appliance)

Frequency Range

50 Hz/60 Hz (Auto sensing)


AC Voltage Regulation (Batt. Mode)

Surge Capacity

2*rated power for 5 seconds

Peak Efficiency
Transfer Time

10ms typical (UPS); 20ms typical (Appliances)

Overload protection
100ms@≥180% load; 5s@≥120% load; 10s@≥105%~120% load
Crest factor
Battery Type
Rated Battery Voltage
Cold Start Voltage
44VDC (adjustable)

Low DC Cut-off Voltage

44VDC (adjustable)
Bulk Charging Voltage
56.4VDC (adjustable)

Floating Charging Voltage

54Vdc (adjustable)
Overcharge Protection


Max. PV Array Open Circuit Voltage

Max. PV Array Power

MPPT Range @operating Voltage


Maximum PV input current


Max. MPPT Solar Charge Current


Max. AC Charge Current


Max. Charge Current (PV+AC)


5% to 95% Relative Humidity (Non condensing)

Operating Temperature

-10° C to 55° C

Storage Temperature

-15° C to 60° C

Monitor function

Yes, extra function

Communication function

Yes, can communicate BMS of lithium battery

Communication Interface


Dimension, D x W x H (mm)

Net Weight(kgs)

Solar System Diagram:

This 4.2kw Hybrid Solar Inverter How To Turn On GRID-Tied function/Hybrid function?

Press Enter Key for 3 seconds,go to 37 to setting HYD

Please Note:This inverter default is off grid mode, only you setting,then go to the Hybrid mode.

Here is a 4.2kw on/off grid hybrid inverter system diagram. In the diagram you can see that, this 4.2kw hybrid inverter can feedback to grid.

Inverter work without battery function:

4.2KW Hybrid Solar Inverter can run without battery, this inverter can also run with battery.

Inverter Details:

Hybrid solar inverter 4.2kw is with dual output.

Inverter FAQ: 

Q: What’s the delivery time of this 4.2kw inverter?

A: 4.2kw Inverter In stock, delivery soon.


Q: Is it a 4.2kw hybrid inverter?

A: yes, this is a 4.2kw on/off grid hybrid inverter. 


Q: What is the dc voltatge of this 4.2kw solar inverter ?

A: 24Vdc to 230Vac 4.2kw hybrid inverter.


Q: Can this 4.2kw hybrid inverter run without battery?

A: Yes, it is a 4.2kw hybrid inverter work without battery.


Q: What’s the payment term of this pure sine wave 4.2kw hybrid solar inverter?

A: T/T, Western Union, Paypal, L/C.

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