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How to build a 5kw home solar system?


How to build a solar power system?


Here is how to build and use solar power systems safely and efficiently.

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An independent solar system is an automatic solar system that charges the battery pack during the day for use at night when there is no solar power. After understanding how independent solar power systems work, we will easily know how to use independent solar power systems.

Recently many homes in South Africa are in dire need of solar systems because of electricity problems., we have exported many 3kw solar systems, 5kw solar systems, 10kw solar systems to various cities in South Africa, especially 5kw inverters and 5kw solar systems, to solve the problem of power shortage for South African people.


How to set up and use an independent solar PV system is as follows:


》Step 1: First, we should start by gathering the basic building blocks of solar power.

In a stand-alone PV system, we need four main components -- the solar panel, the charge controller, the inverter and the battery pack. We also need circuit breakers, meters, MC4 connectors and fuses.


》Step 2: Calculate our electrical load.

We need to choose suitable inverter for the solar system, for example 5kw inverter, 5.5kw inverter etc.  All we have to do is keep track of the household appliances we use on a daily basis in a stand-alone solar power system, including TVS, lights, fans, etc. Next, add the number of hours a day the appliances run. We can also simplify the calculation by using an online off-grid load calculator.


》Step 3: Select and charge the battery.

Lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries store solar energy generated during the day and discharge it at night. We need a power controller to monitor the battery charge. The controller is located between the solar panel and the battery, in a separate power system.


Stand-alone 5kw solar power system:

》Step 4: Set up the solar panel to inverter.

Solar arrays generate electricity from direct current (DC), but appliances use electricity in the form of alternating current (AC). Solar power inverter is a kind of electrical equipment that can convert direct current into alternating current. Pure sine wave inverters are the best choice for our stand-alone solar PV system.


》Step 5: Attach solar panels to roof.

Once the batteries, solar controller and solar PV inverter are ready in our stand-alone PV system, we need to start installing and wiring the solar panels. Choose the best position on the roof or open ground to receive unhindered solar radiation.


》Step 6: Connect the solar panel to the battery.

We need to connect the solar panel to the battery. In some stand-alone solar PV systems, these come in pairs, so we don't have to put in the extra effort. In the case of a single, we need to make series and parallel connections.


》Step 7: Set up the power inverter and battery.

Our residential solar unit is incomplete without the battery and PV inverter setup. Again, we can choose to build them or acquire them. Once the power inverter and cell distribution locations are in place, we can start wiring.


After all the connections are made, we have a stand-alone PV system. We can begin to use solar energy and experience the power of solar energy.


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