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2023 latest popular hybrid inverter


6.2KW high frequency pure sine wave inverter

2023 The latest popular hybrid inverter, 6.2KW hybrid inverter. This series of inverters are off-grid hybrid inverters and off-grid hybrid inverters.


Technical parameters:

Rated power: 6200W, rated voltage: 48V

AC output: AC 220V / 230V / 240V, 50Hz or 60Hz

Introduction of highlights:

Inverter built-in 120A MPPT solar controller, can connect max 6500W PV;

MPPT range 90V~450VDC;

Maximum PV voltage 500VDC;

Inverter can be used without battery;

Maximum AC charge 120A;

Suitable for all kinds of batteries, including lithium batteries


This inverter is 2023 the latest hybrid inverter, especially suitable for power shortage areas, such as South Africa. Considering the household electric appliance in South Africa common family, we provide this 6.2kw hybrid inverter, which is suitable and enough for South Africa home use, which can help with electricity shortage problem.