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How to choose safe inverter?


How to choose safe inverters?

Inverters are electrical products, and whether the inverter is safe to use affects every user\'s heart. The phenomenon of "air bombing" caused by improper operation still happens from time to time. So how to choose a safe inverter?

First, the most important part is that the inverter protection function is complete.

1. Battery undervoltage protection: when the voltage is abnormal, the inverter buzzer will give an alarm;

2. Overload power protection: when the overload power is triggered, the inverter buzzer will give an alarm in battery mode, and the inverter with 10% overload will shut down automatically; In the mains mode, the circuit breaker or fuse will cut off the power supply.

3. Inverter output short-circuit protection: when the short-circuit protection is triggered, the inverter buzzer gives an alarm and shuts down automatically in battery mode; In the mains mode, the circuit breaker or fuse will cut off the power supply.

4. Temperature protection: the inverter temperature is > 90℃, and the output will be closed automatically.

Second, the inverter output waveform.

The inverter output waveform affects its load capacity. The modified sine wave inverter outputs a rectangular wave, drives the electrical appliances with inductive loads will experience high heat, abnormal noise, breakdown or failure to start, and the inverter may burn out. The output waveform of the pure sine wave inverter is basically the same as the AC waveform of the mains grid, which has little interference to precision equipment and can drive inductive load appliances. The user is right to choose a pure sine wave inverter!

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