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The working principle of the hybrid inverter(2)


Voltage starting circuit(hybrid inverter): when ENB is at high level, it outputs high voltage to light the backlight tube of the panel.

PWM controller(hybrid inverter): it has the following functions: internal reference voltage, error amplifier, oscillator and PWM, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, short circuit protection and output transistor.

DC conversion(hybrid inverter): the voltage conversion circuit is composed of MOS switch tube and energy storage inductor. The input pulse is amplified by push-pull amplifier and drives MOS tube to do switching action, so that DC voltage can charge and discharge the inductor, so that the other end of the inductor can get AC voltage.

LC oscillation and output circuit(hybrid inverter): ensure the 1600V voltage required for lamp starting, and reduce the voltage to 800V after lamp starting.

Output voltage feedback: when the load works, the sampling voltage is fed back to stabilize the voltage output of I inverter