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How to select the low frequency inverter


1. (low frequency inverter)In addition to the price factor, the selection of on-board power supply mainly needs to consider the requirements of on-board power supply for input voltage and output power. In addition, due to the great difference in the power of various electrical appliances, the on-board power supply shall be selected according to the use demand in principle of sufficiency.

2. (low frequency inverter)According to different types of electrical appliances used, it is necessary to select appropriate on-board power supply. For daily resistive electrical appliances, square wave, correction wave and sine wave can be used together, and for inductive electrical appliances, sine wave inverter must be selected.

3. (low frequency inverter)Square wave / correction wave inverter power supply can not carry inductive load and capacitive load, can not drive air conditioner and refrigerator, and it is difficult to provide power for high-quality audio and television. Strictly speaking, square wave / correction wave inverter power supply will affect the service life of electrical appliances, and these problems will not appear when using sine wave inverter.
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