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Which is better, solar hybrid inverter or normal inverter?


Solar inverters are also known as photovoltaic DC AC inverters. It is an integral part of the solar system. The main function of a solar inverter is to convert the direct current generated by the solar panels into alternating current used by household appliances. All the electrical energy generated by the solar panels must be processed by the solar inverter before being exported.

In China, solar hybrid inverter refers to the built-in solar controller on the basis of ordinary inverter. Compared with ordinary inverters, solar hybrid inverters have built-in solar controllers, which can improve the power generation rate of solar panels and maximize the utilization rate of the entire solar system.

Since the solar inverter and solar charge controller are in one cabinet, it is easy to install and save space, but it also increases the difficulty of maintenance. In addition, ordinary inverters can be connected to the battery alone and not connected to the solar panel, while the solar hybrid inverter is generally used with the solar panel.

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