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3kw 5.5kw hybrid solar inverter to South Africa


48VDC 230VAC 5.5kW hybrid inverter with 100A MPPT solar controller. MPPT range 120V ~ 450VDC, maximum PV voltage 500VDC, maximum 6000W solar panel.


24VDC 230VAC 3KW hybrid inverter with 80A MPPT solar controller. MPPT range 90V ~ 430VDC, maximum PV voltage 450VDC, maximum 3000W solar panel.


A large number of 3KW 5.5KW hybrid inverters have been produced, and they are prepared to start packaging and send them to Duban, South Africa.


These hybrid inverters can help a large number of local people in South Africa alleviating the recent power shortage of South Africa.

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